signal-bg Multi-language care labels! Tips and examples for an optimal decision-making

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Multi-language care labels! Tips and examples for an optimal decision-making

The multi-language care labels are a must have for every fabric product that has a care instruction. Because of the globalisation nowadays the requirements is, every manufacturer to label their goods including a translation in the language for the country the item will be sold in. This sometimes appear to be a long list!

Although in most of the cases these labels are temporary attached and you can easily cut them off, the producer needs to include all the necessary warnings and instructions.

In our long practice, we have printed all kind of multi-language care labels. Thus we can give you a direction of how to choose layout, material, colours etc...

Ikea-like Labels on taffeta

About the design:
The most common for the care labels are used text and care Icons. The very optimal example is the Ikea-like labels that are temporarily attached to their products. Usually, the text is fit on a larger space as the size reaches 150mm to 400mm length. On these labels, you have enough place to space out the text and make it easy to read.

However, this fits good on a home textile products but for clothing and accessories, you need to fit into a smaller space. Then you need to make the type face bold and stiff in order to fit the whole information. You have also the option of printing it on the reverse side or use the book fold and have the four sides of the label printed off. You can choose abbreviation of the languages and use the flags. Be careful not to go too small with the type the minimum is 1.5mm high.

Multi-language care labels

About the materials:
For the large labels that are usually temporary, the most commonly used material is Nylon Taffeta-it has a light and smooth surface and is cost effective for the case.

For the clothing Care Labels, the optimal choice is double sided white or black satin material on 350mm width. You can print as many as you need in a straight cut or fold them.

care labels for clothing