What sizes are available? »

For sew-in textile labels and ribbons the width is between 6 and 150 mm, with a maximum length of 400 mm. For self-adhesive textile and paper labels up to 350 mm in width and 500 mm in length. Please, contact us if the parameters don’t meet your requirements. We have various printing technologies and we will find a solution.

What materials are available? »
How many colours can you print? »

We can print up to six colours on the face and two colours on the back of a label

Can you print on both sides? »

Yes, we can print up to six colours on the face and two colours on the back of a label

What cutting and folding options do you offer? »
What printing technologies do you use? »

We use the following printing technologies: flexographic, silk screen, thermal transfer, offset. We can combine some of them to achieve a better result and value.

Are the labels washing resistant? »

The most of the supplied textile labels are washing resistant up to 95ºC. Some of the materials like nylon taffeta doesn’t resist to multiple washings at 95ºC because of the specific surface coating. We can add some special additives into the ink during the printing process to improve stone washing or bleaching.

Which file formats are suitable when sending the label design? »

You can send us the project file in CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, .pdf, .eps, .ps or any other editable format. All fonts and outline elements should be converted into curves. All of the objects in the file should be in CMYK color model and the pictures sould be with resolution at least 200 DPI.

Can you print pictures? »

Yes, we can do full colour printing.

How do we choose the colours? »

In order for us to reproduce the desired colour accurately, please, provide a colour number from one of the following formula guides: Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors (TPX), Pantone+ Solid Coated, Pantone+ Solid Uncoated.

If you don’t have a colour reference, we can reproduce your colour from a printed physical sample using a spectrophotometer. In case you don’t have a physical sample, we can recommend the closest print colour from a screen sample.

Why is there a difference in the colours when they are defined by the way they look on the monitor/screen? »

Every monitor has a different color reproduction capability. We work with professional graphic design monitors, which have a great color reproduction area. We make color calibration with professional tools every 2 weeks to avoid color deviations. Please, be aware of the fact that if you choose a color on a regular monitor, there is a chance that we see it differently here.

What information do we need to prepare a quotation? »

In order to make a quotation, we need your label dimensions, material(s), number of colours, type of finish and the quantity required. Furthermore, it would be useful if you could send us a sample or a picture (the highest quality picture available) of your current label or label design.

Do you provide samples? »

We provide samples. You can contact us via email, usе the enquiry form or just give us a call.

How can we place an order? »

You can use our product enquiry form or contact us via email or phone.

What is the average production time? »

Our average production time is 5 (five) business days from the day of order or from the confirmation of the pre-print design. The production time may vary depending on the quantity ordered and technical complexity of the product. The exact production time will be stated in the relevant quotation.

How do you pack the labels? »

They are packed in plastic bags and then in stretch-wrapped boxes.

Which countries do you deliver to? »

We work with many international courier and freight companies. We can deliver to all countries.

What should we do in case we get no response? »

You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your enquiry. We will get in touch as soon as we process the information.

How can we pay? »

You can pay via bank transfer.

When do we need to pay? »

We require that you pay in advance.

How do you proceed in case of claims? »

If you have any claims, please contact us via email, enquiry form or phone. We will then process your claims and find the most suitable solution to your problem.

What certificates do you have? »

We are OEKO-TEX® 100 (Product Class I) certified. This makes our products suitable for baby and children's clothes, toys, bed linens, terry cloth items, etc.

How can we find Signal Ltd.? »
What do treatment symbols mean? »

A treatment symbol, also called a care symbol, is a pictogram which represents a method of washing, drying, dry-cleaning or ironing. Download the Chart Here.

Is my personal data secure? »

The data you provide is strictly confidential. We will not use it for other purposes or distribute it to third parties under any circumstances.

Are the labels suitable for baby products? »

Since we are OEKO-TEX® 100 (Product Class I) certified, we offer labels that are suitable and highly recommended for baby products.