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File set-up to send to print

It will save you a lot of time and money if you create your file according to our specifications. Here you can also find some specs that you might miss when you layout your label.

File set up for print

Size - all graphics should be given in real size to print and the size should be specified on the file.
Marks - mark the lines as shown on the legend when necessary. They won’t appear on the print!
Sewing margin - leave enough space on the side(s) on which the label will be sewed on.
Bleed space - min. 2mm from the cutter to the edge of the graphic.
Safe space -
leave min. 2mm empty space from the end of the graphic to the cutter except in the cases where the graphic/image is intended to appear on the edge.
Colors -
For full color print all images should be saved in CMYK mode. All vector graphics should be separated in Pantone spot colors and they should be specified with their code numbers.
Resolution - All non-vector artwork should be supplied at a minimum of 240ppi. Any artwork supplied lower than this number will print blurred or pixelated. For best results - 300ppi
Vector Graphics - All graphics
apart of the photographs should be outlined in vector format. Including illustrations, fonts and lines. This is important so the design remains when we open the file from our side
Overprint & Knockout - Please ensure that all overlapping elements of the design are set to overprint unless specifically required.
Otherwise it is likely to generate unexpected results.
Transparency - All generated transparencies must be flattened before converted to the output file.
Type of file - We accept Pdf, Ai, Eps and Cdr files.

list of specs for print


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