signal-bg Stick on Labels for your products. our map of options & specifications.

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Stick on Labels for your products. our map of options & specifications.

We offer a line of stick on labels for different purposes. The stickers are a great choice for applying interesting designs and spreading brand awareness. Here is our map of offers and specifications:

Self-adhesive Labels - the options we offer


Self-adhesive labels materials

The raw materials we offer are satin, taffeta, paper and polypropylene. The Satin and taffeta are mostly used for Home textile products and full colour print. They are easy to apply and don’t leave any marks when peeled off. The paper stickers are suitable to stick on smooth surfaces. The polypropylene is typically used for products that are exposed on external conditions.


Self-adhesive labels sizes

The options of forms and sizes are endless. In order to have certain form we need to order printing plate in that size, which can be reused afterwords. The Prise of the printing form depends on the size. We have a variety of sizes that are ready to be used and depending on your request we can offer you a size that we have in stock.


Self-adhesive labels print options

We can print stickers in full colour (raster images) with offset printing or up to 6 colours with Flexographic print. Another option is black and white print on Thermo transfer printers.


Self-adhesive labels packing

We can deliver your stickers on rolls or cut in pieces. For a monochrome print on different sizes we can also deliver on sheets (usually print on barcode and instruction labels)


Self-adhesive labels application

Our printed self-adhesive labels are suitable to stick on textile surfaces without leaving any marks. The stickers are easy to peel off and can also be applied on hard smooth surfaces or packed plastic bags.


Self-adhesive labels use

The stickers we offer are used typically for branding purposes or to display product specifications and barcodes. You can also use them for warning purposes or displaying special messages.